Building Healthy Habits for Happy Lives

I am a Mother, a Wife, a Runner, a Beachbody Coach, I’m obsessed with nutrition, a baker, a cook, and I LOVE chocolate! I battled an eating disorder almost 10 years ago and was determined to get through it and never revisit that part of my life. The alternative? Eat organic when possible, cook as much as I can,make recipes healthier, and exercise!!!

When I had my first daughter, I began running to lose the baby weight. But, along with the pounds that dropped off, I gained more confidence, and a lifelong love of running and exercise in general. I wanted to set a good example for my daughter to grow up and be healthy, with a solid self esteem and not fall into the dark hole that I had before.

When I stopped working and began my life as a stay-at-home Mom, I found that not only was I missing out on the calorie burn of running around a restaurant, but I would put off my workout until later, because I assumed I would always have time. I was wrong. So I created this space to share ideas, exercise tips, recipes and the ups and downs of trying to stay healthy! I am also hoping it will keep me accountable!!

I try to make exercise fun so my girls want to stay active. We LOVE cooking and baking as well, and are always trying to “lighten” the recipes we love.

So onto building healthy habits for a happy life!!


Christa Briggs