I have to say that I think Sunday’s are my favorite.  I get to sleep in a little, get out of the house before all heck breaks loose, and teach my favorite exercise format, PiYo. It is quiet on the roads and everything just seems so peaceful.  My husband is in a good mood when I get home because he doesn’t have to go into work and the kids are all happy because Daddy is home!  And they crawl all over him all day so I get a little time to myself 🙂

I made a goal this year, NOT a resolution, to shower and get myself ready at least 5 days a week.  I know it may sound silly, but if you are a stay-at-home Mom, you can feel me!!!  I had my third baby 1 year ago and I swear, I send a kid or two off to school, blink and it’s bedtime!  What’s the point of showering before bed when you are going to wake up at 5 and workout??  Plus, I like to take advantage of any kid-free quiet time at night…I sit down with my computer and talk to other women, especially Moms, about creating healthy habits.  To me, fueling the inside properly in this season of no time is more important than the way the outside of me looks.  If I create those habits now, as I age and my season of life changes and I CAN focus more on my outward appearance, I’ll have less to cover up, and less to worry about because I’ll be HEALTHY!  And healthy from the inside equals beautiful!  You know how they say that the more water you drink, the more your skin will glow???  It’s kind of like that.  So, one month into the year and I can happily say that I have showered, make-up’d and put something on other than yoga pants 27 out of 31 days this month!!!!!  I am HAPPY with that!  And of course I have fit in my workouts 5 – 6 days a week, that is a MUST and the eating healthy??  That is a life long battle.  But one I will fight to the death.  It is THAT important to me!!!!  Just don’t ask me about the condition of my laundry pile or my home 😉  haha  One step at a time!!!

Like I said, eating healthy is a lifelong battle, or quest really.  There is a constant hunt for more recipes, healthier versions, easier less time consuming ways and how to be more organized about cooking, shopping, cleaning etc…I sure as heck do NOT have all of the answers, but when I MAKE the time to plan ahead, I feel like my  weeks are pretty successful!  I have had so many people ask for recipes and meal plans, etc…  So I decided to start a blog to share with you all!!  I am not an eloquent writer, but I do love to talk, so I’ll just pretend I’m talking to the computer and we’ll call it even!

Back to my Sunday morning…
After getting ready, I was walking out of the bathroom and my 4.5 year old came running upstairs hysterical.  Something about Shopkins.  Honestly, I couldn’t even understand her.  After 10 minutes, my husband and I deciphered her despair and of course, it was the silliest thing I have ever heard.  I deal with this stuff all week long so I said, I have food to make, you can handle this one!  Luckily, my husband is pretty much the BOMB and did just that.  SO, down I went into my favorite room in the house…the kitchen.  Sundays are also for meal prep.  Like I mentioned before, I find that the more set up for the week I am on Sunday night, the better the week goes.  It doesn’t always happen, or at least all the way, but if I can, I do as much as possible.  Really it should be a non-negotiable.  ANd as the coming weeks get busier and busier with the restaurant opening, I will HAVE to make time.  Oh yeah, did I mention my husband and I are opening a restaurant!!??  More on that later.  So, as I sit here and write this, I am enjoying my Veggie Pizza on a Cauliflower Crust.  I have a whole Organic Chicken cooking in the crockpot and my 15 minute Black Bean Soup is already done and in the fridge for tomorrow night. Here’s what my week looks like:

Sunday – Chicken with quinoa and asparagus
Monday – 15 Minute Black Bean Soup with Spinach Salad
Tuesday – Spaghetti with Turkey Meat Sauce and Roasted Broccoli
Wednesday – Cauliflower Pizzas – make your own
Thursday – Tacos with leftover chicken – make your own
Friday – Leftover Soup and Salad
Saturday – Eat out

And here is a shopping list for the above:
Whole Organic Chicken
2 – onions (any color)
1 bunch of celery
1 lb of carrots
Fresh herbs – rosemary, thyme, cilantro
4 cans of organic black beans
4 bell peppers
garlic bulb
3 limes
2 – 4 avocados
1 lb of noodles (we use edamame or brown rice)
2 zucchinis
1 – 2 lb organic lean ground turkey
homemade or jarred spaghetti sauce (no sugar added)
bag of organic spinach
nuts (optional)
dried cranberries (optional)
baby tomatoes
1 – 2 lb broccoli florets
2 lbs cauliflower florets
organic eggs
mozzarella cheese
Parmesan cheese
Corn tortillas

So with that, I am going to sign off, go enjoy the rest of this gloriously chilly rainy day with my family 🙂  Thank you for stopping by and reading.  Until next time…