What is Fat Tuesday really about??  Pancakes?

Today, it was about resetting my soul.  I am a MOPS addict.  It might be the coffee, it might be the 2.5 hours without kiddos pulling on me, calling me, asking for something, and it just might be the speakers and friendships, but what ever it is, I LOVE it!  And we had a 6 week hiatus and today was our first week back!  I was an hour late.  I was so excited and still…there was just too much to do!  And funny, I contemplated not going this semester between the baby’s naps at 9 and all of the extra stuff that I’ll be, ok been doing with the restaurant opening up!  So glad I chose to do it anyways.  I’m not given a death sentence if I don’t go for a week or two, just glad that I have the option.  See, the thing is, just like fueling your body with clean food, and strengthening your muscles by doing more push ups, your soul needs feeding as well.  That is why they hold church every Sunday, Bible Study every week, you catch my drift!    You need it constantly.  And after six weeks of no MOPS and little Church (let’s be honest, even when I’m there I’m chasing after a 1 year old), I’m in DESPERATE need of some God time!!!

And on top of that, it is the night before Lent, or Shrove (Fat) Tuesday.  Since I was little, we’ve been going to the pancake dinner at Church.  It’s a tradition, from seriously, Bible times.  My 7–yr old is in the Choir and tonight she helped serve.  She was so cute 🙂  So glad we decided to go after the crazy day and see her in her prime.

I have been to 1000 pancake dinners!  Well, maybe about 27 to be exact, yeah I missed a few years…they are typically the Bisquick on a paper plate ones but with tons of people so it is always fun.  But this was no ordinary pancake dinner!  There was a wine and beer bar.  There was a pancake toppings bar.  There were appetizers, tri tip, bacon, and entire table of dessert.  It was crazy!  There was something for everyone!  I snacked on cheese and gluten free crackers with fruit and nuts while the kiddos all enjoyed pancakes with fruit and nutella and whip cream.  lol  NOT my usual choice for them, but hey, it’s only once a year!  The girls danced, played with friends, ate and ate more.  Tiny was in hog heaven with everyone googling over him and free reign over his dinner plate.

On the way home we got into a discussion about why we eat pancakes before Lent starts.  It was nice to be able to talk about what today means and why we celebrate and honor it and have the girls actually understand.  I feel like it rounds out their learning and gives them a solid foundation to stand on.  I truly believe that knowing and trusting God gives children a greater sense of purpose, understanding and gratitude…at least that was my experience.

Fat Tuesday turned out to be simply an awesome day reminding me of why I am where I am, and who to be grateful to.

And in honor of Lent, I am giving up alcohol (wine,) sugar and eating after 630 which is honestly probably the hardest!!!!  So cheers to the indulgence before the fast!!!  Thank you God for giving me this life 🙂